@sir What do you think about the solution that NixOS is building? It is kind of like the declarative, deterministic approach of Docker but better

@jelle not into it. These things are a solution looking for a problem

@sir The problem is that other configuration systems are not declarative, so you build up cruft if you want to delete services. I've used Ansible and wanted to remove a postfix installation, but there are so many pieces to an email system that just removing the config from Ansible leaves a lot of random files hanging around.

@jelle I don't like Ansible, either. I don't use any tools at all to fill this niche.

@sir I feel that configuration systems are similar to using git. If you're working on your own, using git for version management is not strictly needed, but it is very nice. In the same way, if you're adminning a system together you need a configuration system, but it's very responsible to use if you're working on your own as well

@jelle @sir NixOS doesn't cover software isolation nor does it help with deployment of third-party software.

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