@solene @MiguelX413 i am the nixos advocate, well done on choosing the right OS/distro

If you put your programming article up behind the paywall on Medium.com instead of on your own blog, you are not a true hacker, and will not hear the horns of freedom when you die, and the blinkenlights of Das Komputermaschine will not shine above your grave.

@philipwhite I think it makes sense if you look at configuration systems. As in NixOS vs Ansible, where NixOS is fully declarative

Easier provisioning as in having a command like `nix-launch create name configuration.nix`

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I would love to have some streamlined NixOS (VM) hosting. I imagine a dashboard/api to set the system generation and easier provisioning

Apparently lvm thin volumes are pretty fragile, stuff breaks when you do not have enough meta space allocated

@philipwhite This is an interesting idea, but breaks down when you have to consider multiple different CPUs. The nice thing about compilers choosing their optimisations is that you can also specifically optimise for e.g. AVX-512.

I think it would only work for more general optimisations like loop unrolling or general vectorization

@kick @StaticallyTypedRice @freemo @mewmew @xj9 Reminder that Switzerland dominates world pharmaceuticals because they didn't implement a patent system for medicine while everyone around them did.

@philipwhite That will cause a bell to sound if your terminal emulator supports it, and you may also be able to set it up so that it focusses itself

@philipwhite I was thinking the same thing, thanks for the original toot haha, otherwise I would not have found this

@philipwhite Well one of the goals of the language is to have multiple implementations in different languages. I think writing a sort of `proof of concept' in typescript is fine

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